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Imam Ali Movie


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Language: URDU
Subtitles: English
Duration: 21 Hrs
Discs: 7 DVD set

This is the tale of a tragic night, more terrible than any other night in the history of mankind, when that great paragon of virtue and perfection was struck down fatally by the sword of tyranny and ignorance. This film is a tribute to that great paragon of justice, who was martyred in the niche of prayer, because of his resolute and indomitable zeal for the cause of justice. ''He was slain in the niche of prayer due to his devotion to the cause of justice.''

This movie is a humble effort to present an account of the last ten years of the life of Imam Ali (a s.)

These years represent a most turbulent era in the history of Islam. The first eight episodes depict the last days of the rule of the Third Caliph.

These episodes explain the cause of the revolt of Muslims against. They show, on the one hand, the injurious role of such vicious elements of Abu Sufyan, Marwan bin Hakam and Ka'b AI-Ahbar in undermining the standing of the third caliph and the havoc created by the decadent conduct of his governors, such as Muawiya and Waleed.

On the other hand, they depict the treatment that was meted out to such eminent companions of the Prophet (s.a.w.), as Abu Zarr Ghaffari, Ammar Yasir and Abdallah bin Mas'ud for protesting against the deterioration state of affairs of the Islamic State. This presentation, a critical era in Islamic History is based on facts found in both, Sunni and Shia Historical texts.

Dubbing from Persian to Urdu by Al-Noor Services Distributed by www.mominshoppingcenter.com

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